Dona Paints

There is nothing like fine art work. Own a distinctive, high quality, hand-painted painting to hang on your wall.


How about a portrait? For you and your family to cherish for years.

My artistic eye enhances your pet’s character and personality, truly elevating them to works of art.  How better to reveal your pet’s distinctive, rich spirit than with an original one-of-a-kind oil painting?

It begins with your vision and a photograph of your special pet moment. A moment that will last forever.  A reminder of just how special your bond is with them, even if they’ve crossed the rainbow bridge.

What people say?

You're really painting personalities now and "telling" stories with your paint. Great job.
Jean T.
We recently lost our dog of 10 years. Dona was kind to paint her portrait. She was sent a photograph and created a beautiful lifelike painting of our beloved pet .In the photograph my husband could be seen in the dog's pupil which she included in the painting. We felt it made it very special. Excellent work.
Sandy S.


Quick answers to most asked questions

It varies from $90 for a 5″ by 7″ all the way up to $320 for a 14″ by 18″.

Don’t worry.  Just go to my photograph page. It explains everything so we can start. And if you have a question feel free to reach out.

Once we decide on your favorite image, if there are no changes, the maximum time is 20 days.

In these times, we all are on a budget.  I want to help. So I do have a way to honor your animal and you.  Please go to the bottom of the photos page. I’ve got your back! 

Come see my painting at lincoln gallery.

429 Lincoln ave.
Loveland, Co 80537